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Branch service updates

We are constantly improving our service processes and initiatives. Stay on top of service updates that may affect you and your property.


Payment options for levies and fees

Find ways to pay your levies and fees, as well as information on how this money is used.


Understanding your financial reports

This user guide assists owners in understanding the different financial reports that are provided to all committee members and owners. It details how to navigate the information within each report.

Customer information


Keep your contact details up-to-date

Get in touch if you’ve recently changed any contact details, such as phone number, email, or name, etc., as we’re keen to keep you informed.


New customer information

Are you a new customer of the PICA Group family? Here’s a quick guide on what to expect, and the benefits available to you.


New committee member information

Have you just been appointed to the committee? Here’s a quick guide to help you get started on your committee journey.

Data protection and cyber security

We use a risk-based approach to ensuring all your information is secured in the Cloud and cyber space. This means we regularly evaluate risks and security priorities, and take proactive measures to common threats.

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