Report damage from severe weather event

Report damage from severe weather

If you’ve experienced property damage as a result of a severe weather event you can report it here

Following a major event, there may be limited contractors available to assist. We can help you work out what to do next – to report any damage, complete the form below and we will be in touch.

When a major insurable event occurs, it can be difficult to know what repairs can be carried out immediately and what is claimable under insurance.

For your insurance claim to be processed quickly, please notify your insurer about any major claimable damage or liability issues as soon as possible. We can help with this and will pass on any information received from owners to your insurer, who can then advise on the next steps.

Major damage must be reported as soon as possible, with the following information:

  • Contact details of someone who can enable on-site access for a loss adjuster or panel builder
  • A description of the damage (number of units affected and type of damage), including photos where possible
  • Any actions taken by owners corporation. The insurer will assess the severity of the incident and decide whether to ask a loss adjuster or builder to visit the site.

Damage that’s considered minor or non-urgent in the immediate aftermath of a major event doesn’t need to be notified to the insurer right away. This might include shade sails or minor water damage that doesn’t affect the ability of residents to remain in their property. This ensures critical resources are focussed on areas where help is needed most.

If you’re looking for a copy of your strata or body corporate insurance policy, click here.

And to report either major and minor damage, please use the form below.

Report damage from severe weather

  • If you have photos of the damage or relevant documents related to property damage, please upload them here.
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