Requesting repairs

Your property repairs and maintenance

Request for repairs and maintenance form

How to lodge a request for repairs

We provide our clients with a 24/7 service for common area maintenance for urgent and non-urgent repairs, as well as the convenience of being able to access contractor details anytime they require work completed within their own lot.

I need help with urgent repairs

To report urgent repairs to common property, call your local branch during business hours.

For any urgent repairs to common property outside standard business hours, please contact our Community After Hours service on 1300 267 181.

Who is responsible for repairs?

Your owners corporation or body corporate is responsible for the repair and maintenance of all common property within your scheme. All repairs need to be approved by the committee prior to work commencement. Any non-urgent repairs to common property can be submitted directly to your branch by filling and submitting a work request for repairs form by clicking here.

For all non-common property repairs, you can view our CommunitySelect to quickly find the right tradesperson for your project.

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