Your property’s finances

How to find your property’s financial information

You can view your property’s financial information from anywhere, anytime with CommunityHub.

For any customer not yet registered for CommunityHub, you can find your property’s financial information by using the Request a copy of your property’s last AGM agenda form below.

How are my levies and fees used?

You can see the breakdown of how your property’s funds have been allocated via the finance tab in CommunityHub. For any customer not yet registered for CommunityHub, you can find this information in your last AGM minutes.

Your levies and fees are used for a range of property expenses including, property insurance, planned and un-planned property repairs, ongoing maintenance to the property, and a small portion are used to pay for your property’s strata management and building management (if required).

A lot of the time residents don’t always notice the ongoing maintenance that is being undertaken on the property until the funds are not available to undertake these jobs. Remember, if there is a lawn or a garden on the common property, someone has to mow and maintain it. That costs money.

Who decides how my property’s finances are used?

Your committee decides how your property’s funds will be allocated. However, you do have a say. Every year your committee will create a yearly budget based on their knowledge of the expected expenses that your property will incur for the following 12 months. This budget is then approved via vote during your AGM.

This is why it is so important for each owner to take the time to read the contents of the AGM documents. Every owner is empowered to have a voice in regards to how property funds are allocated, however, you can only execute your voice if you take the time to read and understand what you are voting for during your AGM.

Request a copy of your property’s last AGM agenda

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