Proxy appointment forms

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If you are unable to attend a meeting but would like your vote to be presented, you can select someone to cast your vote on your behalf via a proxy at that meeting.

A proxy is a person who represents a voter at a general meeting. An owner can delegate their voting rights to another person who becomes their proxy, which is called proxy voting.

An owner can make any person their proxy, including their tenant. A proxy has no effect if the person who gave the proxy attends the meeting and votes in person. A proxy cannot be transferred to a third person. Valid proxies are part of the quorum that allows a meeting to proceed. More information on proxy voting can be found by clicking here.

Download a proxy appointment form

Select your state below to access and download your state’s proxy appointment form.

Proxy appointment forms may also be referenced as the following depending on the state:

  • NSW – Form 1 Proxy appointment
  • QLD – BCCM Form 6
  • VIC – Owners corporation proxy

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